Alla olevan linkin kautta löytyvät videoluennot on tarkoitettu vain yhdistyksen jäsenten käyttöön, älä jaa linkkiä tai tunnuksia eteenpäin:

Dear participant of the 2016 Ljubljana ICCNU meeting,

as we promised during the event we prepared videos of lectures taped during 2016 ISPNI meeting in Ljubljana. We also obtained a publisher willing to post them on the web. So lectures are now available at:

Please note that the only lectures given in Kosovelova (the bigger) hall were taped! In addition, due to technical reasons one or two lectures from there are missing. I apologise for that.

You will find that some lectures are closed, as authors have not yet sent us consensus form to publish them. However, you can reach these lectures by signing up in the right upper corner (iccnu twice):

Username:       iccnu
Password:       *****

Now, enjoy viewing the lectures.

At this moment I would like to thank you for participating at the 5th ICCNU meeting in Ljubljana.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Podnar